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Prashna Kundali Explorer
Prashna Kundali Explorer is the world's only horary software based on Vedic Horary Astrology (Prashna) system. The software gives you complete analysis of your query based on Vedic astrology along ...
Men FVRD2WIN is a place where males can discuss issues common or rare that we face from abuse, struggles, and triumphs globally.
Bible Collection Plus
Greeting and note cards featuring quotes from the Bible plus an organizer/planner, ready to use.
T-Minus Thanksgiving Countdown
T-Minus Thanksgiving Countdown Clock. Count down the time until one of the most important family events of the year.
Numerology Explorer
Numerology Explorer is the most comprehensive and attractive Numerology Software. It has a unique easy to user interface which makes it fun and easy to see your numerology report. It generates a co...
Daily Bread -Windows Edition
See a bible verse daily taken from a list of 550+ verses.
T-Minus Easter Countdown
T-Minus Easter Countdown Clock. Waiting for the Easter Bunny? Planning a special family get-together?
Premium Bible Study
Study 30 Bibles with 800,000 references, links, dictionaries and commentaries
T-Minus St. Patrick's Day Countdown
T-Minus St. Patrick's Day Countdown Clock. Count down the time until St. Patrick's Day.
Pray-Mate Pro
Digital Physiognomy
Digital Physiognomy reads person's face and tells you about the secret character traits of the individual with remarkable accuracy. People's facial features - eyes, noses, ear lobes, chins, eye-bro...
Hangman Bible for Windows
Hangman Bible is a multi-religious take on the classic hangman word-guessing game. It features colorful, non-violent graphics, digitized sounds, and word categories such as Apostles, Bible Stories,...
Love Numbers is an application that enables you to enter the names of a couple, and to receive in return a Love Number report, based on numerology.
Numerologix is an application that enables you to enter personal information (name and birthday), and to receive in return a Numerology report.
Chamsa is an application that presents you with an animated image of a CHAMSA, which is supposed to bring you good luck.
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