LingvoSoft English-Turkish Suite for Windows

You can translate the world with LingvoSoft Suite for Windows!

The LingvoSoft Suite 2006 English Turkish for Windows is a remarkable grouping of three extraordinary language solutions for your PC. This versatile collection answers the needs of almost all users of foreign languages. Businesspeople, travelers and foreign language students alike will benefit from its wide range of features. And full integration means that you can take advantage of familiar and intuitive text-editing functions to copy, cut, and paste between applications effortlessly. This essential set of software includes a speech-enabled, bidirectional translating dictionary with an extensive 400,000 word vocabulary; a talking phrasebook of 14,000 travel-related phrases divided into common situations you may encounter while abroad; and the FlashCards language learning application to help you memorize new vocabulary as you play. Taken together these applications deliver instant translations, offer quick and easy search functions, and supply valuable educational games - instantly turning any PC into your own personal language learning and communication assistant. This remarkable application includes the following language tools:- LingvoSoft FlashCards Builder 2006 - LingvoSoft FlashCards English Turkish for Windows (Retail price: $39.95)- LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary 2006 English Turkish for Windows (Retail price: $49.95)- LingvoSoft Learning Voice PhraseBook English Turkish for Windows (Retail price: $49.95) These programs are available separately but when purchased singly, functionality is diminished and individual prices are significantly higher.

Price: $99.95 USD Category: Language