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Psixo - software for personal development

Home-1 : Users:2 ; Items:10www.psixo.comIn our age of information technologies the question about dangers which have an influence on human psyche more frequently arise. Reason of dangers can be both the wrong comprehension of environment and lack of ability to process getting information. More often it is necessary to refer to the psychologists, religion, to find a correct decision of crises which arise up in the process of life. If you have the PC (personal computer) and desire to develop yourself, this program will help to YOU. Why do I need this program?- For recovery of depressions.- For the removal of mental and physical tension.- For a change, adjustment and making of new vital persuasions.- For the awareness of own surroundings.- For making of new and adjustment of former vital aims.- For creation and permanent working off necessary abilities and resource states.What a program can to do?- comfortable instrument for the conduct of database own thought, working off trainings, discussion of certain tasks with other people;- it is the reliable keeper of your information, due to the improved algorithm of coding (this information will be accessible to only you);- during work with the personal psychologist comfortably and quickly exports your information in a separate file for communication of data;- efficiency of methods of color therapy is tested long-term researches of constantly practicing doctors;- possibility of copying of separate blocks of information in files.

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