Notation Musician

See, hear and print music!

Arrange and compose music! There is no music notation software that is as easy to use and has as many features as Notation Composer. Have more fun listening to music! Save money on sheet music! Practice singing or playing your instruments! Learn to read music notation!
• Find and download music MIDI files from the Internet
• Automatically convert MIDI files to high quality sheet music
• Watch the notes on the screen as they play
• Sing or play your instrument along with "the band"
• Listen to and watch songs one after another in a playlist
• Add lyrics and annotate the score with accent marks, dynamic marks, slurs, etc.
• Print the music for yourself, and print parts for members of your vocal or instrumental group.

Notation Musician converts music MIDI files to sheet music more accurately than any other software at any price.
• Play along with your acoustic instrument or sing along as you read your notes on the screen
• Let Musician play accompaniment
• Adjust the tempo as you improve
• Let Musician automatically turn pages for you
• Set up practice loops for any range of measures, for any number of repeats, with optionally increasing tempo.
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Price: $37.99 USD Category: MIDI